tQuest Consolidation

The current existence of different versions of tQuest limits our networks resilience and the continuity of service. During the implementation of Epic the three instances of tQuest will be consolidated in to one. The processes of ordering tests and receiving results will not change.
There will be some action required for all GP practices across south east London to prepare for the consolidated IT system. These actions will be shared in In SYNc and in the ICB GP bulletin.

Your practice will be contacted directly by Synnovis and the ICB where specific actions are required.

Saved Orders

The saved orders functionality enables clinicians working from home to allow administrative teams to print test orders in the surgery. They are also used by phlebotomists to print tests when seeing patients.

Any order which has been saved and not completed by 4 October will no longer be available after 5 October. Saved orders will not transfer to the consolidated tQuest and will not be available from October 5.

The Saved Orders functionality will be available to use within the consolidated version of tQuest but saved orders pre-dating 5 October will not transfer across.

Who does this affect?
This will affect all GP practices across south east London.

What do I need to do?
Saved orders need to be completed by GP practices prior to 5 October 2023. Any saved order not completed will no longer be available after this date.

Further support
If you have any questions or require further support please contact LetsTalk@synnovis.co.uk

Change to print proforma stationery in Bromley

From 5 October the print proforma stationery changed for GP practices in Bromley. New stationery will be available to order from Monday 11 September.

What will change?   
The introduction of the new Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Beaker will mean the order number, which is currently six digits, has changed to ten. There will be new print proforma stationery to support this change and ensure the longer barcodes can be read correctly.

Who does this affect? 
The order number has changed for GP practices in Bromley who send samples to the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) for analysis. 

What do I need to do? 
PRUH facing GP practices need to run down current supplies of the existing print proforma stationery leading up to October 5. You should order sufficient supplies of the new print proforma stationery ready for use from October 5.  

How do I order the new print stationery? 
There will be no change to the way stationery is ordered – ie. the ordering process for the new proforma stationery will be the same as it is now.

When will the new stationery be available?  
The new print proforma stationery will be available from Monday 11 September. 

What should I do with any of the old unused stationery? 
Please return any unused supplies of the old stationery via your usual delivery channel. 

Further support 
If you have any questions or require further support please contact LetsTalk@synnovis.co.uk 

GP practices served by both GSTT and KCH Laboratories

If your practice is one of a small number served by both GSTT and KCH laboratories, your configuration will change slightly from October 5. You will still have access to both test catalogues.

If your practice currently accesses two versions of tQuest, you will currently select which one to use within EMIS Web depending on the test catalogue (GSTT or KCH) you require. Once there is a single version of tQuest, this choice will no longer be available at this point.

Instead, we will be giving you access to both GSTT and KCH testing catalogues within your practice’s test ordering configuration. To distinguish between the two, ‘Super Sections’ will be set up within tQuest called ‘GSTT’ and ‘KCH’. You will see that each catalogue is physically separate on your test ordering screen, allowing you to simply select which one you require.

Download the document below for further instructions about configuring your tQuest system

Last updated: 20/09/2023