Training and development

Training is an essential aspect of laboratory activity across all staff grades whether as a requirement for the post, for Continuing Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) or as a means of job progression. This is particularly true for employees in technical or scientific posts. 

Read more about the different roles in our laboratories and  the requirements for entry and ongoing development. 

Each department has a nominated Training Officer to support their colleagues’ development. All staff in training are assigned a training supervisor and a mentor, and for staff in formal education requiring a research project, a named project supervisor. 

We encourage all employees to develop their careers to full potential regardless of the level at which they join the business.  

In recognition of the importance of our scientific staff to the delivery of our business goals, we established the Scientific Learning and Development Council to oversee training and ensure the strategic alignment of our overall business needs with the development of our employees, whil eensuring equality of individual opportunity and support.

Through a simple self-nomination process, employees are able to put forward a simple application to request support for studying towards a first degree, MSc, PhD, FRCPath for example. The Scientific Learning and Development Council considers each application and approves on merit with a view to principles of equality of opportunity.

Serving three major hospitals in London, Synnovis often has opportunities to gain workplace experience within our organisation. We are committed to learning and development, seeing it as of critical importance to achieving our mission to transform pathology services in the UK.

If you think you might be interested in learning on the job at Synnovis, and would like to know more about the work experience opportunities we have available, please get in touch.

Please be sure to let us know which areas interest you specifically and we will try to match you to a suitable opportunity if possible.

Last updated: 08/01/2014