Bone Marrow Aspirate

Bone marrow aspirates allow for the developing blood cells to visually be examined. The proportions of different cells are assessed and morphology / appearance of the individual cells noted.
The presence of cells foreign to the normal marrow can be sought, for example metastatic deposits from carcinoma.
Iron stores may also be assessed.
Examination of the bone marrow is one of the most valuable diagnostic tests to evaluate haematological disoreders.
Each request is reported by the Clinical Haematology Team.
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Synonyms or keywords: 
BM; Bone Marrow; MGG stain; Perl's Iron Stain
Sample type and Volume required: 
Bone marrow slides
Turnaround time: 
Routine: 5 working days; Urgent: Contact the Laboratory;
Special sample instructions: 

Interfering factors:

  • Poor slide preparation technique;

Report will be issued with appropriate/relevant comments.

Storage and transport: 
Send to laboratory as soon as possible; delays in transportation may lead to cell deterioration.
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