HBV DNA (quantitative)

HBV detection and quantification now play a key role in the diagnosis of infection, therapeutic decision-making, and assessment of the response to therapy. HBV DNA quantification can be used to monitor viral replication kinetics to better understand the mechanisms of infection and the viral response to antiviral therapy. Monitoring of HBV DNA levels can also predict the development of resistance to antiviral agents. Therefore, a quantitative test for the measurement of HBV DNA is a valuable tool that can be used in conjunction with other serological markers in the management of HBV infection.
Reference range: 

12 IU/ml – 1.10E8 IU/ml

Sample type and Volume required: 
2.5 ml plasma/ 7ml EDTA blood
Turnaround time: 
2 - 5 working days _1 - 2 days for urgent samples_
Special sample instructions: 

(i) This test has been validated for use with human plasma only, collected in EDTA anticoagulant. The validation for use with human sera is in progress.

(ii) Reliable results are dependent on adequate specimen collection, transport and storage.

(iii) Failure to label specimen with patient name, date of birth and precise identifier.

(iv) Failure to fill in a consultation-request form, in particular clinical information and doctor to be notified of findings.

Storage and transport: 
*Whole Blood* Store whole blood at 2–25°C for no longer than 24 hours. Separate plasma from whole blood within 1 day of collection. Whole blood must be transported at 2-25°C and centrifuged within 1 day of collection. *Plasma specimens* Plasma specimens may be stored at room temperature (25-30°C) for up to 3 days, at 2-8°C for up to 7 days or frozen at –20°C to –80°C for at least six weeks. Plasma specimens may be frozen and thawed up to five times without a loss of HBV DNA. Plasma may be transported at 2-8°C or frozen at –20°C to –80°C. _Samples sent by post or by courier must be appropriately labelled and packaged in leak-proof plastic containers in accordance with Post Office regulations. Frozen sera must be similarly packaged and shipped in dry ice. All costs must be met by the sender._
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Last updated: 07/08/2015