Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory

Laboratory overview

The Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory performs the assays and tests that are required for the more complex cases received in Histopathology. The range of services provided encompasses immunocytochemistry and molecular pathology.

Whilst most of this work is performed on cancers, our workload is not exclusive to that. We carry a portfolio of approximately 170 antibodies including Her2.

We also offer 8 FISH assays (inc Her2) and 8 molecular assays for solid tumours.

Key features:

Other Testing includes:

Her 2 IHC and FISH for breast and gastric samples
Interphase FISH analysis for translocations in lymphomas
IgH and TCR gene rearrangements for B and T cell clonality
Full immunohistochemistry service

Referred tests:
Any immunohistochemistry tests not in our repertoire is sent to St Thomas’s Hospital (STH) or Health Service Laboratories (HSL) – AD for processing.

Molecular testing (Referral):
please see Cellular Pathology User Handbook for list of referred tests
Next Generation Sequencing - based Test for IGHV mutation status in CLL.
MLH1 promoter methylation Testing

Renal Specimens:
All renal specimens sent to the Histopathology department, are processed at STH.
Special sample instructions: 


User Guide and Request Forms

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Cellular Pathology/ Histopathology at King's College Hospital
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King's College Hospital
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For clinical advice or interpretation of results, please contact the laboratory in the first instance.

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Last updated: 09/10/2023